Top 3 New Restaurants in Bali

It’s a true honor that Shareen Wong of The Singapore Weekender, pointed Barbacoa out as one of the Top 3 New Restaurants in Bali. The articles is also available at the website of The Weekender. Below you can find the actual article, plus a snapshot of the printed version:

Top 3 New Restaurants in Bali

You May Have Been To Kudeta In Bali Or Had Seafood On The Beach In Jimbaran. Time For New Discoveries! Bali Is One Of Asia’s Top Dining Destinations
By Shareen Wong
Chic accommodation, stylish boutiques and a never-ending array of affordable new restaurants. For a ‘travel-holic’ foodie like me, it’s paradise.

On my recent trip to Bali, I was determined to eat only at new establishments, which was really tough as I have many old favourites. I’m glad I did, because many more fabulous eateries have popped up and here’s my pick for the Top 3.

This place is so new, its website is still under construction but it is already getting rave reviews!

If you enjoy a spot of barbecue and love your meats, head to Barbacoa and try their suckling pig and slow-roasted pork.

The grill is a sight to behold and the place has a great vibe. Call ahead for reservations. It is only open for dinner.