Gelato Love by The Yak

At Barbacoa, we carefully selected our dessert menu and put a lot of love into the mixture of quality ingredients and preparations. The Yak did notice it, and wrote a snappy but very nice article about our ice cream! Go read it on The Yak website, or below:


While not the most obvious choice for an ice cream, take a step out of your comfort zone and head to Barbacoa to try something different. The ice cream sandwich here is a marvel of technique, and perfectly balanced flavours and textures. A smooth vanilla ice cream studded with home made honeycomb crunch, and piled between two whisper-thin sugary wafers is a treat to satisfy adults and children alike. Their latest blast of flavor however comes complete with a little chemistry and theatre in the mix. Flavoured creams blast-frozen with liquid nitrogen at the table, and then served up in home made waffle cones is bound to get the smart set chattering. Smoother than ice cream and in flavours that really have no limit. Expect the unexpected and if the rest of the menu is a guide, this will be fun and fabulous.