Barbacoa – Best Dessert

They may be renowned for their smoky barbecue, but Barbacoa proves they can do the sweet stu!too. Inspired by the traditional Argentinean recipe, Barbacoa’s flan is baked for three whole hours at a low temperature, making it especially creamy and super rich. It is a little bit like a crème caramel, but instead of milk and cream, Barbacoa uses condensed cream and evaporated milk, making it even thicker and smoother. It cuts like butter but still manages to hold its form, then in the mouth, it feels like a creamy,
sweet cloud. On top of the flan base, a wonderful caramel cuts through the richness of each bite. It comes glazed with white wine and vanilla, transforming the typical flan flavour to something even more luxurious and totally moreish.